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In many places around the world the anticipation of one of the brightest holidays in the Christian tradition – Christmas- has become a reason for people to gather together for a month before the holiday. This tradition emerges in Germany and Austria 500 years ago with the Christmas markets, where each evening visitors have the chance to socialize, enjoy delicious food and hot drinks and, immersed in a festive atmosphere, count the remaining days until the holiday. A month before Christmas every city is filled with magnificently decorated Christmas markets, which create a good mood, tear people away from their everyday life and create fairytale spaces, which provide comfort and warmth in the winter evenings.

For the first time in Bulgaria a traditional Christmas Market was organized in 2011 in Sofia. The main idea was to bring the authentic German tradition of celebrating Christmas to the territory of Bulgaria. For this purpose, a special mini ‘Christmas town’ of festively decorated wooden houses was designed and built on-site, offering visitors dishes from the traditional German cuisine, hot wine, treats for kids, as well as handmade souvenirs - wooden toys, Christmas decorations . In the center of this town was a stage, on which the cultural program of the event took place every day- a puppet theater, Christmas music by various artists, performances by schools, kindergartens and charity foundations; the main part of the program being Santa Claus, who brought presents to the children every night and assisted a special guest in opening the next window of the Advent calendar. Each year the German Christmas market supports a particular social cause by collecting donations and providing free use of the stage and the space in the market to the foundations, involved in charity. There is also a separate area for animation and entertainment for the youngest guests.

The idea of ​​a German Christmas market in Sofia arises among members of the German community in Bulgaria. The first Christmas market in 2011 was organized by DB-Events, in close collaboration with Lufthansa Technic Sofia, and with the support of the German- Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and the German Embassy. The German Christmas Market attracts many Bulgarian and German companies as participants and partners, some of which choose the market as the venue for their company's Christmas party. Gradually, the event becomes very popular, which leads to its expansion in 2012, when the a Christmas market takes place in Plovdiv, following the invitation of the Municipality of Plovdiv, where DB-Events works in cooperation with Winterhalder Bulgaria.  It is endorsed by the German Embassy and the Embassy of Austria, and in 2013 it also receives the support of the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation .

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